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Ola Rune


It is considerable of great importance that an italian Brand works with designers from all over the world, Italians, British, Australians, Japaneses and French. Cappellini has a steady hand and an instinctive eye when choosing its designers. It is Cappellini who has discovered and nurtured the talents of young designers, now world famous. They in turn have earned lasting success through their involvement with it. All have a different temperament, there is not a real “Cappellini-style”, and yet a balanced and convincing collection has been created.The designers discovered by Cappellini have been collaborating with it in courageous experiments despite the general recession. Through these once unknown designers Cappellini has promoted design in the same way enterpreneurs and patrons did at the beginning of the 20th century, Then as now, it was a matter of linking the creative potential to the industrial capacity, so that this can be a fruitful union.